Guinea Pig Rescue in Shropshire, UK. Responsible adopters sought for gorgeous pairs of bonded Cavies! Donations will ensure PiggyKingdom.com reigns on!

'Piggy Kingdom' Rescue Sanctuary is a not-for-profit charitable organisation devoted to the improved care of Guinea Pigs, both locally and on an international scale. We address welfare issues on a practical basis at our own shelter, while on an informational level we do so by disseminating as much valuable knowledge as we can about best care practices for Cavies on our website PiggyKingdom.co.uk

We are an independent family-run sanctuary based in the Shropshire Hills, West Midlands. We have taken in all manner of Piggies, irrespective of age, appearance or medical condition. We do our utmost to return all our Guinea Pigs to a good state of health and then we offer them for adoption to loving pet homes where appropriate. Viewings and Adoptions are by appointment only.

As a Guinea Pig Rescue Sanctuary we have rehomed many unwanted and maltreated Cavies, and continue to do so. All of our residents are spaciously housed and suitably bonded with companions. Correct Diet is a high priority, especially as many incoming Piggies have been malnourished or underfed. In good weather our Guinea Pigs enjoy free-roaming in outdoor runs, while in colder months all our Piggies are housed indoors. Particular attention is given to curing or alleviating medical conditions, including fungal infections, mange-mites and bumble-foot. Veterinary advice and prescriptions are sought where necessary. For full information on all we do, PiggyKingdom.co.uk is currently our main hub of info.

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